What is the cost of hiring a wedding band

Planning a wedding is not an easy task as the inflation has set prices on the sky. The couples have to be cautious to plan a wedding if they are on a strict budget. The costs of every service have to be analysed in order to have a perfect wedding.

Hire the best wedding band when it comes to weddings as the sounds of music take you to another world and you feel pleasure. The question here arises is that what are the costs of the wedding band? Since you have decided to do a wedding band hire Birmingham then you should be aware of the prices as well.

Costs of the wedding band:

The costs of the wedding bands are vital to consider before you make a decision. The average costs of the wedding band are around $4000 but they vary according to the location and time of the wedding. Other factors also play a role in the prices that the wedding bands require like the length of the show and number of musicians. Therefore the great dance bands for the events and wedding costs from $2500 to $7500.

The band’s services:

Another matter of concern is what services the band offers. The band will provide you with live music performance in the reception. The band leader can also run your wedding by making important announcements. The band will have their own equipment including the speakers, microphones and the sound system. It can also be your entertainer in the after party or the dinner.

Factors that contribute to the cost:

Demanding such a high amount of money make you wonder that due to which reasons the wedding bands are so pricey. There are many factors that contribute to the cost of the wedding band. 

  1. Time:

Time is one of the major contributing factors to the costs of the wedding band. It means that the price will vary according to the number of hours that the band will perform at your wedding. Also, the wedding band will take breaks during the reception and it will be mentioned in the contract. During the breaks, the band may start the recorded music but you must ask them about this issue. 

  1. Travel:

If your wedding band is operating at a long distance from your wedding location then the cost may increase. You have to pay the amount of the gas, mileage, airfare or accommodations.

  1. A number of musicians:

The number of musicians also contributes to the price of the band. The bigger the band is, the more they will offer and you have to pay. 

  1. Extra equipment:

Apart from the necessary equipment, some bands also offer extra equipment like lighting, effects, projectors etc. these extras will contribute to the costs. 

  1. Special wishes:

If you have some special wishes or favourite songs that you want the band to perform then they may ask you for an additional fee however this varies from band to band. Wedding Entertainment Agency Apollo Soul have played over 700 shows and surpassed the expectations of their customers. 

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